Mango Chutney Goan Style

 Pure unaldulterated Goan mango chutney

Pickles and chutneys are the mainstay of the cuisine of the Indian sub-continent,unlike in the UK,where they are seen as a relish to be eaten with papadums in restaurants,followed by pickles and chutneys to be eaten with the main meal.
Mostly the fresh chutneys are eaten with snacks, etc. and used as dips or condiments.I served a fresh avocado chutney spread on crostini as one of the canapés for a recent Goan wedding celebration.I also served a Goan mango chutney which was remarked upon for its authenticity by one of the guests, a gentleman who  loves his food and certainly knows his kale from his Kholrabi.He noticed the colour not being anything at all like the commercially known brand, Sharwood’s, and not like the picture on any body else´s website for that matter either. I’ve got no idea how they make their chutney orange – as soon as I add the vinegar and the brown sugar, it is always blatantly obvious my chutney will be dark brown.But yes, artificial colourants, stabilizers and preservatives aside,its that through-the-roof deliciousness that makes a home made variety utterly chutterney.
Pickles and chutneys are supposed to add flavour and zest to the food you are eating, and for this most households take huge pride in their own recipes and secret ingredients. 
It is a tradition in every community to make chutneys and pickles from fruits and vegetables when they are in season,for the forthcoming year.I always turn my nose up at the Brazilian mangos, but today Portuguese mangos made their seasonal appearance in the market telling me its time to get that old preserving pan out again.Ardent cooks are seen making their selections in the raw mango season,for instance, knowing full well that the mangoes they desire will last only a few weeks before they are sold out. Those in the know will also have their eyes set on which carrots to buy for pickling or which radish is best.The art of Indian pickle and chutney making is mind boggling and limitless.Young turmeric,ginger, garlic,onions and several roots and tubers do not miss the scrutiny of the ever watchful chutney mary who will take a batch home to alter their compositions into delicious tongue-tingling and flavourful preserves.Different concoctions from the same fruit and of course that family speciality always to the fore.Their love of preserves is endless and as I said no meal is complete without some condiment on the table
Mango Chutney Goan Style 
1500g Mangoes (semi ripe but firm)
1kg sugar
250ml cider vinegar
8 cloves garlic
6tsp mustard seeds
4tbsp Red chilli powder
250g sultanas or raisins
3-4 tbsp Flor de sal
Peel and dice the mango
Put in alarge preserving pan with the sugar and 200ml cider vinegar and boil.
Pur-ee the ginger and garlic with the remaining vinegar and half the mustard seeds.
Once the mangoes,sugar and vinegar have come to the boil,add all the rest of the ingredients and continue boiling until the mangoes are soft and fully cooked.The consistency should be thick and jam like.
Decant into cleaned dried and sterilised jars while still hot or boiling and seal the jars.
Invert the jars for 1-2 minutes then cool upright.
Use as desired.Shelf life 2 years. 


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