Yesterday´s roasted onions todays salad

A crisp, cool, and delicious answer to the thespians question “what’s for dinner?”. Perfectly grilled steak, balsamic roasted red onions and crumbled goats cheese  atop peppery rocket, grated beetroot, chilli and green lettuce.A loose interpretation of an Ottolenghi salad but with the addition of steak and a different type of dressing.After the excessive feasting of the last few days we were looking for a light "sustainable" supper.Last week was a big lesson in food sustainability.The question often gets asked, “What does sustainable food mean exactly?”Most people seem to agree that when it comes to farming, cooking and eating, sustainable is a good thing. But it also seems to mean something a little different depending on who you ask.It’s important for people to know about the source of the foods they consume; how it’s grown, raised, caught and prepared.Once that knowledge is fully understood consumers can make choices that support sustainable agriculture, humane practices for raising poultry and livestock, and the responsible harvesting of seafood. We need people to buy from those whose conservation practices protect the health of the environment.This meal which packs a flavour and punch answers to all of those and at the same time provides an observant use of leftover food.A beautiful combination of colours and textures,and probably the sexiest thing to be flagged up as an onion salad.Enjoy and keep our world sustainable.

Steak salad with balsamic grilled red salad onion salad
Already half baked red onions from yesterdays barbecue
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar
flat leaf parsley
1 red chilli julienned
grated strands of raw beetroot 
50g semi-cured goats cheese grated
torn green lettuce leaves,cos,little gem or regular lettuce
wild rocket
Take the pre-baked onions and cut sides up drizzle them first with olive oil then with balsamic.Roast in a hot oven for 1 hour turning them cut side down half way through.
Finish them under a hot grill until you get a nice char.Set aside to cool.Meanwhile brush the meat on both sides with ketjap manis to give it a resulting glaze.season the meat with flor de sal and pepper.Sear the meat for about 2 minutes each side until it takes some colour and then set aside to cool.When cool cut the steaks al tagliata (thin strips).Toss the salad leaves in a vinaigrette of your choice and assemble the salad with the leaves on the bottom then the grated beetroot and chilli top with the strips of steak and finish with a carpet of grated cheese.


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