Carpaccio lombinho de atum em pimenta queimada - Carpaccio of pepper seared tuna loin

I first tasted pepper seared tuna in the restaurant of that avatar of stylish exclusivity, Ian Shrager´s Paramount hotel in New York.Those were the days.Business trips on expenses.I doubt if I could afford to stay there now.But I do remember vividly this pepper seared tuna salad.I had never made it until recently but it is such a timeless classic that I now include it on our villa outside catering menu.It is great standby and can be made well in advance and stored in the freezer.I make a whole piece of loin at a time and always keep some in the freezer.It needs to be frozen anyway after you´ve cooked it and then semi de-frosted to achieve the finest cuts of carpaccio.
Lombinho de atum em pimenta queimada
1 pedaço lombinho de atum, Tuna loin
pimenta preto em grao
Rest the piece of tuna loin on an oval plate just a little larger than the piece of fish.With your pepper grinder cover the all sides of the loin in coarse grain turn the loin as you do it to ensure maximum coverage.sear on a very hot griddle pan turning on all sides.Store in freezer until ready to use.Semi-Defrost to a point where you can slice off wafer thin slices with a very sharp knife.Return what you do not need to the freezer for another time.


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