Bon bon de morcela recheado de maça em casca almendra crocante

As Christmas creeps up on us we need to have some witty surprises up our sleeves to make our parties go hmmmmm.How about a Spanish take on a scotch egg? A spin on an almond coated chocolate truffle? Intrigued? I think you will be.
This black pudding bon bon can be served as a canape or appetizer  as part of a meal that is created to entertain our friends and family,or why not, indulgently, even for ourselves? I can assure you that this blood sausage with roasted apple pulp, once you´ve prepared it for the first time, will make you want to make it again.It is rich and leaves such a good taste in your mouth that you will find it difficult not to repeat it. I was always  the one who opted for the soft centres when the chocolate box was passed around and I must warn you that as its name suggests this is a savoury incarnation of a chocolate and therefore the taste that stands out is sweet; but  the crunchy touch of the almond crocante and the mellowness of the roasted apple pulp in the centre, I can assure you sceptics, is well worth a dare to try.
Bon bon de morcela recheado de maça 
em casca almendra crocante
    2 morcellas 
    1 dessert apple,Pink Lady,Jonagold or Braeburn
    125g almond crumbs
    1/2 cup flour
    1 beaten egg

    oil for frying
    Wash and dry the skin of the apple well.Place in a baking tray. Bake at 180º for approximately 30 minutes or until the apple appears to acquire a nice tan colour.When the apple has finished roasting, place the apple on a flat plate and remove the skin with a spoon, remove the pulp little by little discarding the core and pips.With the pulp prepare small balls the size of a hazelnut.
    With a thin knife make a vertical cut down each side of the morcela and then remove the skin. Divide the morcela into the number of portions you require, depending on the size you prefer of black pudding truffles to be.Roll the portions out flat with a rolling pin.
    With your hands mould the meach portion and give it a hollowed out shape in which to be able to place a portion of roasted apple pulp. With the help of your hands, gloved or clean, cover the apple pulp and make a spherical shape enclosing the apple.
    Roll each truffle in flour,then the beaten egg and finally the almond crumb.Heat the oil in a deep fat fryer and with a spider or slotted spoon lower the truffles into the oil.
    Do not put too many in the oil together when frying.
    Each truffle should be no bigger than a golf ball,approximately 3-4 cm.
    Do not keep the oil too hot.Let the truffles fry for 3 or 4 minutes.
    The truffles should fry slowly so that they get crisp and golden.If the oil is too hot the truffle will fry too fast.

    They can be served either hot or cold,and can be made in advance and then re-heated in the oven before serving


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