The turkey and paxo sandwich tradition,a guilty pleasure

Stuff your face with a leftover turkey and Paxo sandwich, the one that tastes so much better than actual, proper Christmas lunch

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that dehydrated breadcrumbs and onions aren’t exactly the most wonderful thing a home cook can shimmy to the table with, but the flavour combination of onion, sage and a healthy dollop of butter is a beautiful thing, served with some white wodgy sandwich bread, left over turkey and some bread sauce.If you have no clue what Paxo is, then please don’t unsubscribe when you hear that it is, in fact, a packet mix of sage and onion stuffing.Oh I know, I feel so very ashamed of myself,one who is against laboratory created"meat" made from plant cells.
But, it is the stuff of my childhood, as I am certain it is for many a Brit like me of middle class beginnings! (Like Bisto gravy and Oxo stock cubes, Paxo is a bit of a British institution!).
Paxo stuffing was invented in 1901 by John Crampton, a butcher, who wanted to make Sunday lunches more exciting. And for me as a child he certainly did that.
Available in a range of seven great-tasting flavours, there was a stuffing designed to complement all kinds of meat.
The  favourite for us Brits was Paxo’s traditional Sage and Onion stuffing, the perfect compliment for your roast dinner.
Goodness gracious ,great balls of stuffing


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