Iced gems,where are they now?- Beijinhos

Iced Gem Biscuits may or may not sound or look familiar to you depending on your age.If you are twenty something you wont know what the f...k I am talking about, but  those of you my age will probably enjoy this joyous little whiff of nostalgia that caught my eye in our local supermarket here in Portugal.I often ask the question,where are they now? Whether it be a past celebrity that has nudged my memory and I often yearn for a google update on their current professional and personal status.Anyhow, the story goes that these little biscuits were invented accidentally by a British biscuit factory in Reading. The accident came about when British biscuit giant Huntley and Palmer was experimenting with some new technology, and what emerged from the oven was a shrunken biscuit. Proprietor Thomas Huntley liked the resulting mini biscuits ,which were christened Gems and started to sell well. Sixty years later in 1910  the swirly icing was added and children's birthday parties would never be the same again.Later on the biscuits started to be exported to several countries.There we have it, perhaps this is why I stumbled upon them once again in my little village in Portugal."Beijinhos" they were called and therefore kisses for everyone.


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