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Its amazing to think you can find some real gems or pearls of wisdom within the pages of an in-flight magazine.I am far from being a frequent flyer these days but on those rare occasions, I have always managed to pick up some top tips. Past gems have included a much used cake recipe found on a flight to Turkey, the discovery of a go to bar in Paris and most recently a step by step guide to marketing ones business disguised as a cocktail recipe.As a former graphic graphic designer and entrepreneur whose career has dabbled in strategic marketing, this whimsical advert for an award winning marketing agency on the Wirral appealed to my creative side.
Running a successful and much talked about business for the last ten years with a partner from a background in magazines,who excels at social media management alongside myself, a blogger and reasonably competent copywriter, seemed to draw strong parallels with this snippet I instantly made into a tear sheet.(well it was the 27th December and I assumed that the aforesaid magazine would only have a four day shelf life before the seat pocket would be graced with the new January 20/20 edition) and I speculated that another interested entrepreneur like yours truly might not pick up on the absence of this bottom half of the page, back of book entry.
I would pass on this dynamic company´s offer of a free 1 hour business consultation with their  master mixologist and instead would create my own recipe for  a Casa Rosada house cocktail.Last year I put a Bloody Ñora spin on the classic Bloody Mary, so this time I set about applying the revolutionfour principals to a cocktail based on ten years of running a bespoke bed and breakfast in the East Algarve.
It is not just the quality of the ingredients, but also the balance of qualities and attention to detail that makes a cocktail perfect.Time is of the essence and if you throw all your efforts together at once,with out any measure of thought,then you will  end up with something that takes hold of your tongue and just won’t let go, leaving a sour taste in the mouth.You want something that is a simple joy to sip and not something that will cleave your happy hour.Nothing wrong with a true pisco sour ,mind, but we are in the Algarve and not recommending  a jaunt down to Peru for a fresh limón when your next sour craving hits.Casa Rosada would be more likely to mix you up a pink port and tonic of an evening.At Casa Rosada we are always at your beck and call.Why not join us this spring or summer for a relaxing holiday that seems worlds away from Northern Europe but is actually only two or three hours by plane.Check out the current weather temperature on our website,set the alarm early and you could be here for breakfast and a Bloody Mary to boot.
Here is how in ten years we have we achieved that perfect mixology.....
The Casa Rosada perfect mix
100ml Strategic marketing
50 ml clear liquid graphic design
1  x strong branded website design
5ml social media management
Pure natural juice of copywriting
a sprinkle of creativity
1.Preparation is the key.Make sure you have everything in place.Mise en place is of the essence.Lay out all your ingredients in front of you,this will allow you to see exactly what you are working with.Ensure all the ingredients are correct and up to date and the right amounts are measured before starting.
2.Put you strategic marketing into the shaker before adding the graphic design mix, website design and social media management.
3.Mix and shake before adding the copywriting juice for that extra punch.
4.Serve in a chilled glass and garnish with a sprinkle of creativity to taste.Some might finish with an umbrella, but the Casa Rosada attention to detail says the end product really speaks for itself,plus we dont do naff. 
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