Butter your bread with the right side,radish butter

Inspired by the French breakfast of radishes and butter on bread. 

I used this inspiration to my advantage in this radish butter, a riff on the venerable French appetizer served with sweet butter and sea salt.  I decided to make a simple radish spread recipe perfect for breakfast, lunch or just snacking! 
When radish cells are cut, an enzyme called myrosinase breaks down mild glucosinolate molecules in the vegetable, creating sharp, pungent compounds called isothiocyanates. By finely chopping the radishes, their sharpness is maximised. I folded in creamy softened butter for a sweet and spicy spread for my lunchtime sandwich.
Radish, butter and salt is a classic combo and a pleasant way to work your way through a bunch. Great alongside some good, crusty home made bread. Eat with earl grey tea in the morning, or white wine in the evening, or use it as I did to butter a gourmet sarnie if you think the flavours fit.


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