Everyone loves taco Tuesday but what about flauta Friday, perhaps fish flauta Friday or maybe not? I toyed with the idea but then opted for the meat option.
What is a flauta, I hear you say?  A cousin to the ever poular taquito, the flauta is typically made with a large flour tortilla that´s rolled around a meat and cheese filling and fried, or in this case oven baked until crispy. The taquito is typically made in the same way but with a smaller tortilla.
Flautas (or taquitos or doradoes) are deep-fried, stuffed tortillas from Jalisco in Mexico. Ground beef gooey gooey melty cheese and sour cream sauce, whats not to like? Chilli con carne but with all the trimmings applied in a different guise. My version combines meat in the form of a chilli filling. I made Heston Blumenthal´s classic chilli con carne , filled my tortillas accordingly, then shallow fried them and made a cheats sauce with sour cream and cheddar cheese. Thanks to Delia Smith online for that time saving shortcut, a simple supper was on the table in next to no time.


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