How d´ya like your eggs in the morning?

Bed, breakfast, brunch and beyond....
Casa Rosada does not offer a cooked breakfast option, but when there is an occasion we put on a celebratory brunch, Algarve style. Usually a variation on the theme of eggs. One has to ask the question - How d´ya like your eggs in the morning?

Over under sideways down? on the sunny side? - up or down? Over easy? Benedict, Arnold Bennett? Gordon Bennett!!! poached, fried, scrambled, en cocotte?- every which way here are
suggestions from Casa Rosada´s breakfast table

1. Egg and avocado on toast with capers and rocket

1 egg per serving plus one extra
1 ripe avocado
Lemon juice
Sea salt
Small wild rocket leaves

Soft boil the eggs - 5 minutes. Remove from pan, run under cold water and leave to cool completely.
Mash the avocado with a fork in a bowl. Shell the eggs. Chop the extra boiled egg and mix it into the avocado. Stir in lemon juice to your liking and sea salt to taste. I like this concoction on the salty side, it gives it a kick, and if you are looking for that kick start in the morning here it is. If you want a richer mix cut some aioli through the mix at this point. Make some traditional slices of Bruschetta, rubbing the edges with raw garlic before toasting and drizzling all over with extra virgin olive oil.Pile the rocket leaves on top of the bruschetta and weigh it down with spoonfuls of the avocado and egg mix.Top with the soft boiled egg cut in half and scatter capers over the top. Serve immediately.
The second two speak for themselves, but the Casa Rosada tip for knees up moshin scrambly eggs is to use a frying pan and lots of butter and no milk, and of course the freshest, free range eggs you can lay your hands on . I buy our eggs from a women who has a stall in the local market and keeps her eggs in a tin bucket under the counter. Sometimes the eggs are still warm from the chickens when I buy them. Her hens roam freely, eating corn meal and the windfall apples from the trees above.
2. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

3.Presunto Serrano and scrambled eggs


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