Sea salt´s finest flower

Our guests here at
Casa Rosada inevitably ask us on the last day of their holiday where they can get the Castro Marim Flor de sal. We now have a supplier, Salmarim, and are selling a range of five different aromatised salts, Natural, Aromatica, Azeitona, Pimentao and Limao.

Hand harvested here in the Portuguese salt marshes of Castro Marim Natural Reserve, this sea salt is unpurified and truly organic, Its attractive packaging makes it a perfect small gift, and doubles up as a perfect addition to any dinner table. Just remove the lid and the inner sleeve tip the salt out of its plastic bag into the bottom half of the box and
you have a decorative salt cellar.

Chef Henrique Mouro suggests:

Natural - vegetable salads fresh cheese or chocolate
Limao, with capers and lemon. -fish smoked salmon and cooked vegetables
Azeitona with olives and chilli - pastas and risottos
Pimentao with garlic sweet paprika and laurel - meat game and grilled shrimp dishes
Aromatica with parsley and marjoram - salads

Use moderately....... but with pleasure!


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