Doing myself a fava

Favas in portuguese, Broad beans in English. They are the perfect crop for a lazy gardener like me.Plant them in November, ignore them for four months, and let the rains look after them before returning to them when they start providing beans as the temperature starts to warm up in March-April.The bonus of planting broad beans is the magnificent sweet and pungent scent they give, cheering up a cloudy winters day.
Heavy rains are forecast for tonight so I have just returned from the kitchen garden where I have been dibbing, Wimoweh Dibboweh De-Dibboweh.Dibboweh ... and with 3 or 4 rows planted - all thats left to do now is kneel down and start praying for a good crop- Our Fava who art......


  1. evan!!! Looking forward to sampling next years crop. Yum!!!


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