An evangelical awakening

" Woke up this morning feeling fine, I had something special on my mind, 
something told me I was into something good"

This morning for the first time I woke up and felt full of energy and as if I have had a good nights sleep. Good day sunshine, today was to be the day, February 20th- its taken all this time but the time has got to be right and it was.Bye bye procrastination Hello Mental, physical and nutritional conditioning.

"I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good, in a special way
I'm going to run and it's a sunny day "

8.30a.m We take a walk, the sun is shining down
running along the beach, got to be sound.
This must be done full of religious fervour and through a progression of seemingly minor actions taken one day at a time over an extended period I am going to improve the quality of my health with small daily acts that will add up to a well-rounded lifestyle based on health and vigour.
Time to take stock and make an action calendar

Mental conditioning: Get up take the dog for a walk. I already do that everyday, so I should take care of some other daily task that I habitually shirk. Sweep or mop the kitchen floor.Today when I get home I am going to concentrate my energies on the preserving pan and make some chutneys. 

Physical conditioning: Sit down and consider what I want to achieve in this area. Over the next few months I can gain a lot: improved endurance, more stamina, fat loss, maybe even minor weight loss, although this is not my problem. Faster running time, gain a new skill.
improve my performance. I have set my goals.Alternating.....

       ( beach ) sprinting /triple station aerobic fat buster
       ( urban circuit ) Walking, cycling, step striding

This is not a picture of the author, but re-creates the up-hill boardwalk that I tackled this morning

This was the dog´s favourite part of the mornings
strenuous activity. I strode up the steps attached to the dog on a leash so she helped ensure I made proper fast strides in rhythm up the steps. Return home- mug of tea followed by power breakfast of banana,strawberries, cherries( imported ) but what the heck, granola,home made yoghurt and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Nutritional conditioning: Starting today I am going to eat breakfast within 90 minutes of waking every morning for the forseeable future. I think this is one of the simplest yet most powerful things I can do for my health and energy levels.I am going to ensure my water intake is eight to ten glasses a day.Water will be vital to my recovery(operative word) from exercise, efficient digestion and ideal weight maintenance.When and how often to get my calories.Studies have shown that the body metabolizes food at different speeds at different times of the day so If I eat more calories earlier in the day and fewer later this should produce positive results? Here´s hoping!!! 2 chutnies made,bottled, and photographed for this coming week´s blog. Light lunch break - a slipper of a sandwich. Pao  de Agua, a light Portuguese bread. not disismilar to Ciabatta and similarly shaped,made with flour walter salt and yeast, not gluten free. I spread a layer of Dolcelatte on the bottom to replace the butter I would normally use and then topped it with little gem lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes.
A nostalgic flash back to a favourite office lunch item I used to enjoy when working in London. Healthy dinner scheduled. ( thespian cooking)
Simple roast chicken, stuffed with coriander and lemon, new potatoes and carrots or broccoli.Evangelical conscience satisfied. Tomorrow is another day.


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