Dia dos Namorados - Can´t buy me love

"Say you don't need no diamond ring
And I'll be satisfied
Tell me that you want those kind of things
that money just can't buy
For I don't care too much for money
For money can't buy me love"

Bem vindo ao meu blog post primeiro bi-lingual.Eu vai tentar isso mais vezes mas que exige tanto o dobro da quantidade de trabalho e tempo.Se faz favor seja paciente comigo.
Welcome to my first bi-lingual blog.I will try to do this more often but that requires both double the amount of time and work- bear with.

Dia dos amorados para mim evoca imagens de pessoas sendo bombardeados com bolos chocolates, flores,bolos e cartões, e sendo enterrado sob uma rajada de bom bons.Isso não tem que ser tudo o que claptrap.Nenhuma quantidade de mimos pode bater um dom de alimentos feito para você por alguém que você ama e se preocupa,não importa o quão instável,queimados ou desgrenhado que lhe poderia ser.Mesmo os não comestíveis irá saborear deliciosae simples das coisas,um bolo alguns biscoitos- é suficiente.Aqui sáo duas sugestões um doce e um salgado.
Valentines Day for me conjures up images of people being bombarded with chocolates, flowers cakes and cards,and being buried under a blast of bomb bons.It doesn´t have to be all that commercial claptrap.No amount of pampering can beat a gift of food made for you by someone you love and care about, no matter how wobbly, burnt or dishevelled it might be. Even the inedible will taste delightful and the simplest of things- a cake or some cookies - is enough.Here are two suggestions one sweet one savoury.

Easy no cook chocolate and 
vanilla salt fudge hearts
Melt 125g good quality dark chocolate and 60g butter in a owl over simmering water and stir to combine.Add 1/4 cup evaporated milk and finely grated zest of 1 orange.beat in 375g icing sugar until the mixture is smooth.Spoon into an18cm square shallow tin lined with greaseproof paper.level it out and set aside till firm,then turn out and cut into squares.
Makes 36 pieces

Pecorino Shortbread hearts
Makes 12
250g  (8oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 cups finely shredded pecorino romano cheese
2 tsp black peppercorns, crushed into small pieces

1/2 tsp Flor de sal
2 cups all purpose flour
Golden granulated sugar

Preheat oven to 350ºF/180º C, with the rack set in the centre. Cream together butter, and sugar in a large bowl.  Add cheese, pepper and salt, and mix together until well blended, then add flour and mix until well combined.  Press the dough into an 8 inch tart pan with a removable bottom. With a heart shaped cookie cutter score the shortbread into 12 hearts. Sprinke the top of the shortbread with granulated sugar, and place in the freezer to chill for 15-30 minutes until cold. Remove from the freezer and bake for about 20 minutes until set and lightly brown. Go over the score marks again witha  knife when removed from the oven. Cool in pan on a wire rack, before pressing out the heart shapes with your heart shaped cutter.

Some other ideas for Valentine´s day              Ideias para o Dia dos Namorados

Se ainda não encontrou o programa ideal para o Dia dos Namorados e procura uma atividade barata, veja as seguintes sugestões:
If you have not found the perfect surprise for Valentine's Day and are still looking for a cheap surprise, see the following suggestions:
  • Na primeira hora na manhã  - O Pequeno-almoço na cama....
  • First thing in the morning - Breakfast in bed....                                               
  • Na hora de almoço, vá buscar a(o) sua(seu) namorada(o) e surpreenda-o com um bonito piquenique à beira mar ou num parque verde.
  • At lunchtime surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend by picking them up from work and take them for a picnic on the beach or in the park

  • Na hora de jantar prepare uma refeição gourmet. Pesquise receitas em livros de culinária ou blogs e ponha mãos à obra. Brinde ao amor com um bom vinho. Vai ver que o seu trabalho vai valer a pena. 
  • For dinner prepare a gourmet meal. Research some romantic recipes in cookbooks or blogs and get to work. Toast your beloved with champagne or a good wine. You'll soon see that your work will be worth it.


  1. Gorgeous recipes; a lovely post. But are you sure the owl is going to enjoy being held over a bowl of simmering water? (Poor old owl!)

    1. You have such a sharp eye for typos!!!
      Were you a sub in another life?
      With everything just being put online without any proofing these days,it is quite worrying what might or might not get put in a bowl.
      Thank you, and indeed the poor old owl.

  2. Sorry about that (and yes, I was in MarComs for years!) but I had visions of a rather bedraggled Owl (or Wol) from Winnie-the-Pooh . . . it tickled me!


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