Corvina no churrasco-from river to table in 30 minutes

Fish of the day-literally
On Friday we were sitting in our favourite restaurant,Dom Petisco, waiting for the waiter to take our order, staring across the river to Spain as one does on a sunny spring day.Something caught our eye on the beach below.A fisherman moored his boat and hiked an enormous fish out onto the sand.It was not long before the fish had been taken around the back of the restaurant and a price had been agreed with Pedro the manager. If I was not mistaken the fish I had just seen was a Corvina, my favourite fish.Sure enough it was. A Corvina can weigh in at anything up to 45 kilos and is then portioned into steaks. A moment later the empregado (waiter) was at our table announcing that he had a very fresh fish (Corvina) weighing 10 kilos that had just been brought in if any one would like to so order.Having just witnessed the event four of us chose accordingly and he tootled off to the kitchen to inform Pedro of the good news.
I mean how can one resist ordering a fish whose provenance has just unfolded before your very eyes.Well 30 minutes later conversation lulled as the four of us tucked in to one of the tastiest plates of fish ever tasted.From river to table in under an hour since it was caught,you can´t get much fresher than that.

From river to plate -a thoroughly delicious lunch


  1. Dear cook,
    Why don't you tell us a little bit about wine?
    Many thanks,
    jfs, lisboa.

    1. Thank you for your comment.If you look through the archive you will find quite a few posts about Portuguese wine and Madeira.I hope you will find these of interest.


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