Getting the taste of tapas at home

A tapas selection
I am not one for self promotion on a blog but a new idea we have just developed here at Casa Rosada is something I am very proud of.
To taste some very tempting tapas you no longer have to check in to Casa Rosada.Casa Rosada will bring the tapas to you. Yesterday we launched our new villa rental tapas delivery and satisfied the palates of 15 eager recipients celebrating the last night of their holiday with a party on the terrace.You choose six items for just €15 (minimum 6 people) We deliver to your villa ( radius 10 kilometres of Castro Marim)If you are not holidaying or living within that radius we will consider  but don´t expect the hot items to remain warm.Tempted? I think you will be when you see whats on offer.You don´t even need to dress for the occasion, although last nights party pulled all the stops out and when we arrived with the food we were greeted at the door by glammed up  characters looking like hopefuls to play a part in South Pacific, An Officer and a Gentlemen,and more.Here is some of what they ordered.

Moroccan pastillas

sizzling pork port and pimentão

seared tuna loin
Like the sound of it? - next time it could be you.Owners or clients alike, if our menu is not already in your welcome pack pick up the phone or email us for a menu.You don´t even have to be on holiday.If you dont fancy cooking one night order out.All we require is 24 hours notice.Our mix and match tapas  dishes are perfect finished with a refreshing glass (or jug!) of our home made Sangria.


  1. Great idea and the food looks wonderful. Hope it goes well.


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