A breakfast of toasted panettone with banana

At this time of year there is a plethora of panettone in the shops.Its not expensive and a little goes a long way.A breakfast with a difference and packed with goodness can launch you into your day feeling nourished from just four ingredients
This breakfast takes about 10 minutes to make.Don´t be tempted to butter the panettone or sprinkle sugar over the fruit. It just isn´t necessary.If you prefer or just dont have any panettone try it with thick slices of brioche instead.If you are not driving to work you can sprinkle a few drops of rum or as i did some orange liqueur over it, just before the panettone is grilled.Serve with live,natural yoghurt -cream would be far too rich, and ruin the purpose of this healthy breakfast.Alternatively if you dont feell this is the breakfast for you try it as a pudding for lunch or dinner

1 slice of panettone 1cm / 1/2 inch thick
1 banana
juice of half an orange
live natural yoghurt to serve

Preheat grill until it is very hot.
Place the slice or slices of panettone on a baking tray.
Slice the banana into pieces the thickness of a euro and lay them slightly overlapping on top of the panettone.
Squeeze the orange juice over and place the baking tray under the grill until the banana starts to turn golden.Serve hot with yoghurt


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