Warten auf Brexit

The concept of Brexit appears to have been around a long time.Well heeled shoppers were able to purchase a box of Brexuits endorsed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second many years ago, leaving only the containers now as collectors items to be bargained for on ebay. I wonder if they were a hard or soft Brexuit? their description as a delightful savoury biscuit, made by Fortnum and Mason Ltd of Piccadilly, does not give much away.Sadly, this is yet another memory that seems to have been forgotten. The past has been re-written by the Brexit Leave campaign, airbrushed to remove our imperfections, distorted to snub our European neighbours, and whitewashed to remove our compassion for refugees, who incidentally, more than anyone, are the ones that need a good Brexuit.The irony is that many of our former allies and foreign counterparts took the advantage as soon as they were able after June 23rd this year to take advantage and make trademark applications related to the word "Brexit."What was formerly "Great Britain" did not have the nouse to take this opportunity to create some newly patented products.It was the more forward thinking countries of Europe that are now planning to start branding what was formerly British.Having lost Cadbury´s to the Americans and thrown British Home Stores away, we then lost the Findus crispy pancake.Now its the turn of Germany among others to rebrand some of our past glory.In fact, naming food and drink after Brexit seems such a daft idea, there’s a strong chance that these products will never even see the light of day. After all, most of the trademark applications were made within 48 hours of the result coming in – which feels much more like ill-thought-out opportunism than considered marketing.Will we be seeing Brexit’s official English breakfast tea be made by Germans? Or worst case scenario, excuse the pun, Brexitwurst sausages. There is a two month period for third parties to object to any trademark application.I haven´t heard of any objections yet.Are the Brits going to be first in the tea plantations before the Germans get there? Its like the old holiday joke of putting your towel on the sunbed by the pool before breakfast to ensure the Germans didn´t get it.“Vorsprung durch Technik” I say.
Now in the light of America making yet another globally affecting faux pas, I suspect that if you stopped an average American on the street and asked them what they thought about Brexit, the assumption would be that you were talking about some delicious new biscuit. Brexit, the snack you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite.A Brexit a day helps you work, rest and play. Or something like that…Sadly the reality of a Brexit is more than a morning snack. I look forward to seeing Disneys Remake of the Lady and the Trump.....Happy days are here again!!!!


  1. How funny!
    Sadly, this demented biscuit means that my UK pension has already lost some 20% of its value...


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