Four pepper chicken with sticky pineapple sauce

Carnaval and Mardi Gras are fast approaching.What better way to get in the mood than with this platter of Cuban inspired chicken in a sweet,tangy glaze. Out to dinner at friends´ house the other night I enjoyed the chicken they served up and particularly the gravy boat with extra sticky sauce.I asked her for the ingredients she had used and set about working to re-create the flavours of her recipe. I started by making a marinade and decided that when I removed the chicken from the marinade I would then reduce it down until I had a sticky tangy sauce.The chicken pieces I roasted in a tray with some olive oil.Thank you Sandra for the inspiration.
Four pepper chicken with sticky pineapple sauce
!.5kg chicken jointed into 8 pieces,skin on ( breasts thighs wings and drumsticks ) 
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
150ml pineapple juice
heaped tsp of mixed peppercorns,red,green,white and black
1 whole head of garlic,cloves crushed
1tsp hot chilli flakes
1 tbsp honey
1tbsp lemon juice
Flor de sal
Pre-heat the oven to 200C / 400F
Grind the peppercorns to a coarse powder in a pestle and mortar.Mix all the marinade ingredients together in a large bowl and toss the chicken pieces in it until well coated.Transfer the chicken pieces and any remaining marinade to a tupperware container and put in the fridge for six hours or overnight.Remove the chicken pieces,retaining the marinade, and transfer them to a roasting tray with a little extra olive oil and roast in the pre-heated oven for about 1 hour or until the chicken is nicely coloured and glazed.Just before the chicken has finished cooking reduce the reserved marinade in a small pan until thick and sticky.Remove the chicken pieces from the oven and serve them on top of Rosemary roasted potatoes pouring a coating of the sauce over. Put the remaining sauce in a gravy boat for anyone to help themselves to extra. 


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