"ATUNA" Siganature tuna, hokey cokey fish and a poke

putting tuna on the map
Good tuna can be larger and heavier than a beautiful calf. Mediterranean chefs know this very well. The sushi men even more. And all of them  select the cut of fish that will fit their recipe, be it raw, grilled, cured or preserved.and no one knows this better than Fabio Zerbo. There should be a chart of the tuna (above) drawn up in much the same way as the charts that show all the cuts of beef.
Seeing the parts previously unknown to you and being able to differentiate the parts of the fish they come from could be as helpful as separating ribs and chop steaks in restaurants.In Portugal and Andalucia, the cult surrounding tuna, ranging from light pink to deep red, comes to restaurant tables in so many styles, guises and even in unthinkable pairings - Had anyone ever thought about enjoying a good jerk tuna or a tuna hot dog? From Lisbon to Ayamonte, ​​this is quite common. In the same category, you can find muxama,  salted air dried tuna meat which is cut into thin slices and can be washed down with a fine sherry or a chilled glass of Alvarinho.

Now Fabio Zerbo is putting tuna firmly on the map and where better to find it than at his new must stop tuna destination in Ayamonte, "ATUNA", restaurant LPA´s new mini bar serving sushi rolls,tuna tartare,a fantastic tuna hot dog and an Ahi poke bowl.A classic Hawaiian preparation, poke (pronounced poh-kay) is a salad of cubed raw fish marinated in sesame oil or soy sauce. ... traditionally made from ahi (yellowfin tuna)Fabio puts his own signature tuna to it.With Champagne, Prosecco, fine Spanish wines and beers,served American diner style out of a state of the art converted newspaper kiosk.This is is not only a relaxing way to put your feet up at any time of the day,but a great while away the happy hour with an aperitif or glass of Veuve Cliquot while waiting for a table to come up at the original LPA.


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