Rolinhos de filetes espadarte fumado com espargos verde e pesto gengibre,hortela,coentros e manjerico

codfish rolls with lemon foam
I stumbled upon some smoked swordfish fillets in the fish market and my curiosity got the better of me. On returning home they rested in the fridge until I got my head around how I was going to incorporate them into the casa rosada repertoire of local produce. We had recently been served marinated codfish rolls with green asparagus and lemon foam at cha com agua salgada.I am no great fan of foams and always think they make a dish look like it has been subjected to passing cuckoo spit.Foam aside,my signature ginger, mint ,basil and coriander pesto sprang to the fore.I whipped up a batch and set about composing a dish for starter or tasting menu.With local seasonal produce of fresh peas and radishes and some  
in-season inspiration from chef Marco and Diana Henry´s delicious new cookbook "How to eat a peach" I was ready to go....simple starter in 10.

Smoked swordfish rolls with asparagus and 
a ginger mint basil and coriander pesto
The pesto here is rich, so you need the radishes to provide a clean contrast.

1 small piece of smoked swordfish fillet per portion
1 cooked asparagus spear trimmed to about 8-9 cm long
Ginger mint basil and coriander pesto
fresh peas and thinly sliced radish
Lay out however many piece of fish you need. Spread the pesto all over the fillets lay an asparagus spear on each fillet and carefully roll up.Drizzle some pesto diluted with extra olive oil over the top of the rolled fish and garnish with peas and radish.


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