It´s snails place

Mark my word,there's always something going on in Castro Marim to keep you entertained! ...snails galore in Castro Marim? Skip a beat and move with my body SLOW.
Tonight marks the opening of the 3 day Festa do Caracol (Festival of the Snail): Unfortunately for the snails it doesn´t celebrate their life, but their taste! Evidently they taste better in May, but this year we´ve run over into June. It doesn't matter whether they are big or small, but for me unfortunately size is the issue, they can not compete with their big French brother Les Cargot. In Portugal,as long as they are cooked to the traditional recipe and accompanied with bread, butter and beer,that´s all that matters. It is a long standing tradition of the region and restaurants throughout the municipality will be taking part.The venue for this event is the Colina Revelim San Antonio, just on the outskirts of the village. It is like a miniature Portuguese theme park; for English readers it reminds me of  Bekonscot model village.  Hmmmm?
Over the three days thousands of visitors will storm the hill to taste the best snails cooked not only in the Algarve, but the whole of Portugal.But also Spanish, French, Moroccan and Italian chefs will be presenting surprising takes on this popular traditional bar snack.
Sit under the stars, have a fun evening with bevvies and enjoy the variety of snails, while being serenaded with the diversified sounds and rhythms of Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and Moroccan music

 What more could a local ask for?


  1. Ooooo I could go a snail right now with a swig of vinho branco


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