Cookery workshop revisited

Just think what you could make with this

The lure of the kitchen is more than just a hobby or a simple love of cooking. Inside you, there is a stronger pull that separates you from everyone else who dabbles with recipes. Others see a typical kitchen stocked with typical ingredients. But you see a blank canvas where you can create your newest culinary masterpiece. A sizzling sauté pan and the sound  of a knife chopping against a cutting board are more than background noise for you. They are the backdrop to your performance centre stage. Everyone learns and gets to join in to create a culinary masterpiece. Then, relax in a convivial atmosphere as everyone enjoys a memorable  day and meal prepared amongst friends.The Casa Rosada Cookery workshop could be what you are looking for.Take a day out in your holiday or spend a long weekend given over to challenging the boundaries of the traditional Portuguese kitchen.

Cookery Workshop  - 1 day €75 euros per person


Weekend package - based on 2 people sharing

Two nights bed and breakfast  plus workshop 11/2 days - €350


The Portuguese Kitchen then and now

A meeting of culinary minds, this is not a cookery school. No lessons or tuition.
This is purely a workshop for people who already enjoy cooking and have some previous experience but are looking to expand their repertoire through an interaction of ideas and pointers.

An informal day out in your holiday to brush up on your cookery skills.
( This can be spread over more than one day if you choose).

In advance of your visit we ask you to tell us what you want out of
the workshop, what you can bring to  the workshop and at what level you consider your skills.

Prior to the workshop :
We will cover -
A background to Portuguese cuisine, its heritage, and its ingredients.
An insight into the different styles of Portuguese food, in particular
the culinary heritage of the local area of Castro Marim and the East Algarve.

A visit to a traditional Portuguese/Spanish  market  
Lunch in a very traditional Portuguese restaurant or lunch in a Tapas bar*

The Theme
"cooking intuitively." - researching recipes,
Planning and writing out a tentative menu based on seasonal, local products.
Using this recipe as a springboard for creating your own signature dish.

The day includes.
Shopping for ingredients, including visiting the local market, butcher, fish stalls and an independent supermarket, that has its own farm and supply chain.

Adapting the menu according to what is available and fresh;

Prepping the sourced produce,and cooking the dinner.

The day ends with a convivial candlelit dinner in the garden ( exclusive of wine)
or in the winter months around the kitchen table, to enjoy your days work hopefully!!!

The weekend option will include dinner, and lunch the following day


Topics covered in the workshop might include

Making your senses work    taste    smell    touch
Tips for culinary artistry
Selecting and pairing ingredients to compliment base flavours
Accompaniments to entrees
Sourcing and selecting the best ingredients
Shopping and the seasons
Writing a recipe
Compiling a menu
Evolving a cuisine.

*  ( Optional not included in the basic fee )


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