O Cozinheiro´s Seven Up

The lovely Northern Snippet( who I read for her writing skills,wonderful pub landlady experiences and just simply because her posts are an absolute hoot, nominated me to take part in the My seven links project.
The idea is to provide links to 7 blog posts under the following categories, not to over-think it, and pick five other bloggers to do the same: 
  1. Your most beautiful post
  2. Your most popular post
  3. Your most controversial post
  4. Your most helpful post
  5. A post whose success surprised you
  6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
  7. The post that you are most proud of
So Hi there Blog pickers welcome to pick of my pops.
Coming up
O cozinheiro´s hits and misses..

1.My most Beautiful post.
I have handed this task over to the thespian without whom I would not have lovely photographs to illustrate my posts. He has to put up with a lot and I therefore gave him a shortlist of 6 and allowed him to make the final selection.He chose "Think Quince"

2.My most popular post.
I had a major dilemma here. My all time most popular post is my most controversial post so I needed to find an alternative.Posts alternate for the top position, get knocked off the number one spot of the top 7 on a weekly basis and sometimes retrurn so my decision had to be made as of the day I made these nominations and my nomination for my post poular post currently is held by "Wrapped/unwrapped, a pizza simplicity"

3.My most controversial post.
"Sex and the kitchen - Beef encounter"  I never even dreamed when I wrote this post that it would recieve such an enormous amount of attention. the word "sex" is very much a fast favourite of search engines. So I guess I can eliminate at least half of the hits here to an unwanted guest list of those just searching for some cheap titillation.The controversy of the post is that I was writing about the serious issue of whether women should be "used" in advertising, to sell product.

4.My most helpful post
"A night in Tavira" is a restaurant review of one of my all time favourite restaurants and the post was written with the intention of drawing peoples attention to a phenomenal dining experience. it has had many hits and carries a link to Tripadvisor so hopefully it has been helpful

5.A post whose success surprised me. 
My take on the traditional vindaloo "A Real Goa". I have to keep returning to this post to see why it is so consistency successful, but it is always maintains its third place in the daily, weekly, monthly and all time hits.I just don´t get it. The picture doesn´t even  look that appetising.

6.A post I feel didn´t get the attention it deserved.
It is always interesting to get some feedback from your readers."Finger on the pulse or hands alone". This post was intended to generate discussion and comment and in that respect it failed miserably. It did not get a single response. a real B-side this one.

7.The post I am most proud of.
was a post I wrote to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of Elizabeth David´s first book.I wrote it in the style of a biblical parody.

So thats all Blog pickers O cozinheiro´s 5 Hits and 2 Misses.

So now its time for the five nominations. My 5 favourite culinary love affairs  are:
Five Quarters of the orange   ( English translation) 

Hip hostess NYC            


  1. great self-review, I love the ones you've chosen too x

  2. I've been wanting to tell you for about a week how lovely I thought this post was! (The delay was not laziness, which is always a possibility but because Blogger just would not let me blog!) So better late than never, thank you!


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