A vine romance

Fresh and light Pinot Grigio has been a mainstay on restaurant wine lists for the last few decades. From Milan to Monchique it often pops up as the house white and is often available by the glass, (should that be your small requirement) for a half decent price. Because it´s a good palate cleanser it´s great tipple to accompany food. Crisp casual,uncomplicated and unobtrusive Pinot Grigio is a great partner to the new fashion for a lighter cuisine. The grape itself, the Pinot Gris is one of many mutations of the French red varietal Pinot Noir. Over centuries it travelled and spread to Alsace, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland before crossing the Alps into Italy where vino fashionistas adopted it to accompany opera rather than yodelling. "Gris" begat "Grigio"( both meaning grey) and
Pinot Gris took off again only to be found as a rare grape variety in the Estramadura ( Lisbon ) region of Portugal.This chameleon of the wine world readily adapts and changes to reflect the characteristics of a specific growing area.The Portuguese variety Pactus has an inherently, snappy and approachable character.Come and help us imbibe the Gris back into Grigio at Casa Rosada.


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