Spring has sprung

Sunday afternoon............
Out of a springform tin and onto a plate.Spring has sprung. When I read Rachel´s post at Marmaduke Scarlet I just couldn´t stop myself from making this Seville Orange cake.With a basket of Seville oranges from our garden I began my now regular Sunday Portuguese bake off. "My kind of cake," I kept mithering as I stirred and folded the ingredients with a great zest.The result was phenomenal.The cake was everything Rachel promised it would be."Citrusy cake delight" The light texture just melting in your mouth with a subtle melding of bitter citrus undertones.What I love even more is the way she has used the old fashioned baking principle of weighing out the ingredients.She weighs the eggs first and then matches their weight to the butter sugar and flour.It really works. Need cheering up? - Seville oranges at the ready folks, get baking.You will bake this again and again I assure you.
The recipe..... seville orange cake: to celebrate the spring sunshine


  1. OK now I am REALLY jealous. Not only do you have a Seville orange tree in your garden, but your cake looks absolutely gorgeous. Bah! You don't fancy sending over a crate of spare fruit, do you?

    And thank you so much for the kind words. I can't tell you how happy it makes me!

  2. I would love to send you a case of spare fruit but it really is coming to an end now.i picked ahuge batch this afternoon to make curd with and a something interesting for an up coming blog post!!!!!Do you know if you can freeze pectin?


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