Pantone Easter eggs

Photo credit:Jessica Jones
I just love this different and modern take on painted Easter eggs.They are so cool.I tapped Pantone and Easter eggs into Google and this is what I got - one clever graphic designer´s enthusiasm for making her mark on eggs. As you well know I have become a dedicated follower of the current fashion for matching Pantone colours to food and this latest discovery is yet another wonderment. The eggs were made by an American, Jessica Jones, a graphic and textile designer who has a blog called "How about Orange" and a pinterest board of the same name.
Having dyed these boiled eggs by standing them vertically in small cups of dye,she precisely matched the Pantone colour numbers from the Pantone swatch book and then typed up the labels and printed them back to front on tattoo transfer sheets,which I believe you can buy from most good stationery outlets or on Amazon or ebay. Perhaps something to keep the kids busy on rainy Easter mornings, when crayons have lost their interest? But make sure you give them bibs and gloves!!!
Grown ups - Anybody for a Graphic Designers Easter egg hunt?


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