The Green Sardine

How often have I received comments on my posts such as this....

"This sounds sublime! Now, where can I buy some lemon flor de sel . . . or can I just add lemon zest to some good quality sea salt and leave it for a few days to infuse I wonder?"

-well good news for folks reading in the UK -not even coming to a website near you,it is already there, Salmarim´s Flor de Sal is finally available online.the green sardine is an online shop where you can not only fill your cesta (basket) with salt  but also with the most stylish and original of Portuguese design oriented products, both old and new.Coming from creative backgrounds in photography and art Susana and Nick have an eye for good design and flair for sourcing both functional and beautiful products while at the same time supporting and promoting more artisan Portuguese products.Having lived in Lisbon,they realised the potential of what was literally "Proudly made in Portugal"and as Susana´s  family is Portuguese there certainly won´t be a problem with the supply chain. Catch the green sardine now and fill your basket with some of the best Portuguese products.

For more information about Salmarim products and recipes using Flor De Sal from Castro Marim look no further than here at O cozinheiro Este Algarve


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