Agora!!!!-Sal nas livrarias

"What a month its been"!!!!! The thespian being asked by The Times newspaper to write a thousand words on what life was like with Betty Bacall. We had the challenge of having our first vegan guests in the house,more on that story later.We put another cookery workshop behind us,our boiler blew up, and now the heat is on again,Arabian nights are upon us.After an abnormally cool summer, the hot sultry August temperatures we are normally accustomed to have finally hit us. Now its Dias Medievais and the house is completo.I can hear the sound of distant drums Fernado, heralding the opening procession  about to pass the house, and we have pitchers of mead(honeyed sangria) to serve our guests on the balconies.At the beginning of the month we played host to journalist João Miguel Simões and photographer Jorge Simão who were on a commission to produce an article on the Algarve to be included in the September "Sal" issue of Evasoes.In this issue you can read about everything salt from all over Portugal,gorgeous recipes,spa guides and discover how Portugal´s star chefs are using salt.Oo la la meringue! In my dreams who knew that one day I would be sharing a double page spread with Jaime Perez.Well there I am taking German disciples Philippe and Sonia through the process of making "o já famoso brownie com flor de sal."Thank you Miguel, Jorge and, as always, the other Jorge - Senor Raiado.Finally thank you Global Noticias Publicaçoes for your beautiful magazine.


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