All aboard for bruschetta Todos a bordo mais uma refeição para os todos gostos

 Come aboard come aboard.It can go all night if you want it to
Cooking for friends customers or clients can be serious work. Don´t I know it. We often have guests coming in on late flights who want a form of sustenance on their arrival but not necessarily a full blown 3 course dinner. In a more relaxed scenario it might be that you have put it upon yourself to throw an  impromptu gathering that can suddenly become a culinary labour of love.You haven´t got the time and  you don´t want to spend the entire day slaving over a hot stove, so here´s how you take the pain out of prep.- a little or no cook bruschetta board .Its a variation on the theme of tapas.Prepare a wooden board with griddled garlicky bread, add an assortment of charcuterie, cheeses, roasted or grilled vegetables, sauces, pestos, tapenades, dips, and like magic, Fay presto....dinner´s done.Your key ingredient is griddled bread,after that flexibility and creativity can take you where you want to go.You dictate the toppings and your guests relish it.You choose and chop,they pick and mix.Get a little bit fishy if the mood takes you and push the prawn out.Yes prawns,chopped octopus,tuna,anchovies and cod´s roe pate would all work well here.Are you on board?I think you will be.You can delegate too; get your friends to pitch in and bring aboard a  bit of pot luck surprise.Once aboard here is how its done....

Heat a grill over medium high heat.
Generously drizzle the bread with olive oil on both sides. Using a pair of tongs, transfer the slices of bread to the grill and grill for a few moments until grill marks are present. Flip and continue to grill the bread on the other side for a minute more. Remove and set aside.
Rub the garlic on the toasted bread to give it an extra layer of flavor.
Arrange the toppings on a large platter or table and serve with the grilled bread.


    1. Oh dear god, this looks good! Sadly it seems as if Autumn has well and truly landed here but this would be a taste of sunshine!


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