Farmer´s market carrot top and coriander root to stem soup

 ceramic soup bowl sold by weight from AROMA ao Kg ,Tavira

Why is it so hard to find a recipe for carrot and coriander soup? I consulted all the usual oracles on my bookshelves and even computer said NO.Well there were recipes there on the internet, but so dull you would not want to bother with them.Well when I get my heart set on something I mean business, and with the chill in the air I wanted a heart warming comfort food.Today the monthly market was in town so I strode off to find my ingredients.There they were laid out before me, sheaves of fresh coriander tied with string, carrots with their  bushy, parsley-like greens still attached,that guarantees that farmer’s market halo of freshness.Why do supermarkets assume you will just throw the tops away so they waste plastic and bag them up. The perkiness and freshness of the greens are a good indication of how fresh the carrots themselves are. But that's not the only reason to buy intact, green-topped carrots. The greens themselves are pleasantly bitter and have tart imparting flavours that can perfectly balance out carrots' earthy sweetness in a dish. (And if the taste alone isn't enough to convince you, think about how many #wasteless points you'll get by using those tops rather than tossing them.) What a crime to throw away carrot tops.Stop throwing them away,and prepare a soup with them that´s full of local flavour, it's delicious! I cast my mind back to a sumptuous soup I used to make from Jane Grigson´s vegetable book
Potage Creçy it was called, in deference to the chalky area of France that carrots are supposed to grow best,But the twist I liked here was that she cited a variation which included fresh orange juice.Today I took it one step further and added coriander roots and carrot tops.
Carrot top and coriander root to stem soup
1 large bunch of carrots with tops,both chopped
Lower stalks from a large bunch of fresh coriander,chopped
1 onion, chopped
60g (2 oz) butter
125g (4oz)diced potatoes
1 heaped tablespoon of rice
1 liytre good quality vegetable bouillon
80ml (4 fl oz )milk
freshly squeezed orange juice to taste
plentiful flor de sal and freshly ground black pepper 
Soften the onion in the butter,add the coriander stems,carrot tops,potato rice and seasoning,stirring the about to mix them well together.Pour in the stock,simmer,covered,until the carrots are well cooked.blitz the whole contents of the pan with a hand blender till you have a rich thick velvety soup,When ready to eat.reheat with some milk and season to taste with the fresh orange juice mixing it in gradually so that it never becomes too strong,throw in a good handful of coriander leaves and blitz the whole lot again until you achieve your desired consistency.


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