LPA From wide door to high door - "Teatro por gourmand"

Number one is back and it s better than ever!... and aren't we just loving the new decor and colour schemes.The furniture, paintings, mirrors and flooring are all just wonderful. After closing the "wide door" to their restaurant on the main square for 3 months, LPA has reopened and we were privileged and delighted to return to our all time number one favourite restaurant.The anticipation for the last 3 months and the suspense had been getting too much for me ,but as I crossed the plaza that cold April night and saw the vision that was beyond glamour, LPA incarnate, I was seized by an effervescence of nervous excitement.What stood before us was the epiphany of all epiphanies.As we entered through the "tall door" it was about to get even better.A warmth came over me that dispelled the previous chill,blowing off the Rio Guadiana.
The new space is bigger, more spacious and extremely well decorated with the help of Huelva province´s interior style guru Juan Rodrigues.The spacious and rather romantic room, allowing more relaxed dining than before, is clad in wallpapers reminiscent of colonial jungles,upside down astro turf appears to be growing out of the ceiling and there is even a chinoiserie alcove.It is like A-list Ayamonte meets the eccentricity of House of Hackney except you are getting dinner for half the price of an H of H cushion.
Whimsical chinoiserie
Splendid-looking, twinkling and lavishly finished,in my dreams I could be transported to  back in the day Hollywood where the LA producers wife has been told to keep shtum about her studio windfalls,or on the set of Richard Lesters beautifully  cinematographed 1979 film Cuba. If only Sean Connery was to walk into LPA now.
As well as keeping some all time favourites Fabio has added lots of innovative new dishes to the menu. The presentation of all Fabio’s dishes still, as always, have his hallmark of perfection and design.This style of dining is so often done badly: too pretentious, too minimal, too few smiles, and not a lot of laughs.Not so LPA.  These are guys who know how to deliver modern dining glamour.
Burrata with smoked ham and home made pesto
It also has some of the greatest,most magical front-of-house service you´ll ever experience this side of Nirvana.If you want to sample the best of Fabio's "Teatro por gourmand" start with one of our favourites, burrata, smoked ham and home made pesto with its impressive delivery under cloche. A hard act to follow but we stepped up the momentum by ordering all new Garlic prawn filled gyozas and the baby ceviche of corvina and lime caviar.
It came to the table in complete equilibrium with the quasi tropical decor of the space it was being served in.
It really feels like you are experiencing a tasting menu in an expensive Michelin restaurant, except the bill came to 75 euros including a bottle of wine.Prices are relatively unchanged. Its not just three star its more like five.LPA is a place where people who’d like to be famous can plaster Instagram with evidence of each stage of their meal, before jumping from their seats to be snapped themselves by a member of the staff.Like your glass of prosecco  the ambience is never anything less than nicely bubbling.

Baby ceviche of corvina and lime caviar.
 Garlic prawn filled gyozas

Top-notch and even better than ever before. There aren't enough adjectives to describe "excellent." And as someone so rightly put it; you are planning your next reservation before you have even finished this one.LPA will be the epitaph on my tombstone.Hasta mañana mi amigos.


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