"Flatten that curve", lose weight with Bojo

     Keep fit like Bojo 
"Don't go shopping, but you can go out for exercise" - Yeah, well done Boris!
One always need wine to keep fit
BEING STUCK AT HOME can suck.With the COVID-19 coronavirus causing companies to shut down workplaces, and governments urging people to stay away from crowds, you could wind up spending the majority of your time at home for the immediate future.Last week I gave you a 28 day lockdown larder meal plan.
I soon realised this is no good without an exercise plan to support it.So the keep fit with Bojo plan  "sends the virus packing". Some breakfast ideas and smoothie recipes will also help to keep you healthy.
While it shouldn't be your most pressing concern, what this means is that you'll have to skip out on going to your local gym,or taking that daily jog or walk. If you've been forced to join the legions of work from home employees against your will, it can feel even tougher to get up and moving in the same space you've been lolling on your laptop in those favourite pair of sweats or onesie.
If you dont have a killer home gym, don´t worry—there are endless options available to you if the only place to get your sweat on is in your living room. Don't know what to do? There's an app for that.I counted at least twenty for both sexes on my phone this morning.While checking out apps on your phone set your step and calorie counter and set yourself a daily goal.If you're looking for simple ways to stay in shape indoors, bodyweight workouts can be completed just about anywhere, anytime, at any fitness level. Don't spend your time inside on the couch doing nothing—get up, get moving, and stay healthy,like Bojo (NOT).Here are 6 suggestions of how to get your Bojo working again.....
Running on the spot
This is a terrific way to burn calories.If you have the space you can do circuits of the kitchen table.This is something I have adopted.

YouTube Workouts
There are a lot of workout routines on YouTube. You can search “workout,” or you can search by the specific type of workout that you would like. This eliminates the need to use workout DVDs, and it allows you to mix up what you are doing to avoid boredom and lose weight fast. YouTube is also great if you want to do a traditional workout with push-ups, squats, and crunches, but are unsure on how to properly do these types of exercises. There are tons of videos that instruct you on how to use correct form as you exercise.

Water Bottle Weights
If you are looking to do some arm, shoulder, and back strength training, you can make your own weights by filling up water bottles. If using water bottles becomes too easy,increase the size of the bottles. You can tailor the exercise to your level by filling the bottles to the exact weight that you need. For a greater challenge, increase the water amount just a little bit each time you workout.

Cleaning can be very physical, especially hoovering, mopping or even better surface scrubbing. Instead of going out to ride your bike or go for a run, set up a house cleaning schedule and clean your house instead. You might as well kill two birds with one stone!

Hallway Lunges
Instead of stepping back into place as you normally would with lunges, step forward, and continue until you have made it all the way down the hallway and back. You will feel feel the intense burn in your legs with this workout.

Try it whenever you go down the hall, or from room to room. If that gets too easy for you, hold weights in your hands to make the lunges more challenging.

Stair Stepping
Stair stepping is a great exercise to do in your home, even if you don’t have a set of stairs available. Find the biggest book you own (or a sturdy chair),  put it in front of the TV, and step up and down while watching your favorite programme. You may not work up a sweat, but you will be keeping your body active and healthy.

 Waist disposal...Who you gonna call - fat busters
If your belly like mine is looking more like like a large laundry bag than a washboard,we need to lose enough girth to get into those favourite Ted Baker slacks again.We have to burn off excess middle body fat.No diet known to man will blast fat off a particular body part. A million sit-ups and crunches are not going to do it either.
Aerobic exercise is the answer, not something I´ve ever been very good at, but the good news is, its possible.All it takes is some time, discipline and you can do it at home.
Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories, and get your heart rate going while having fun. If you are in the privacy of your own home, there is no need to look like a complete twat in public or to feel embarassed in front of the professional leading a dance class .
To get rid of the `pot´ belly  concentrate on what goes into you cooking`pot.´Plan some nutritious healthy option meals for the next couple of months and that hopefully will help with fat loss and at the same time compliment the exercise programme that you intend to put yourself through.

Start the day with a power breakfast of banana,strawberries, cherries, granola,home made yoghurt and freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Smoothies, the perfect power breakfast in one glass, so quick and easy to prepare
You can blend your favorite fruit with any of the following:
Milk, sorbet,Kefir or yoghurt for a calcium rich drink.
Try some of the following combos:

1/2 cup beetroot
1/2 cup cucumber
1 carrot
1/4 cup apple concentrate

1/2 apple
1/2 banana
30 red grapes de-seeded
also try  
banana/pineapple/lemon juice

Purple reigns
1 beetroot
2 Stalks celery (preferably organic)
1 apple,Fuji,Jonagold Pink lady,Starking
Quality apple Juice

Chayote Smoothie
1/2 chayote
1/2 granny smith apple cored and de-pipped
2 cups green melon
1 celery rib
1 tablespoon honey optional
Juice from one lemon (only if making in advance)
Spring Water (if you want it thinner)
Blend all the ingredients.  If it is too thick, then add water,or if you prefer coconut water
The Green genie
1 Large green stick of celery
1 apple
a quarter of a pineapple
juice of two limes
a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger,minced
Put it all in a juicer or blender and blitz


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