Hake rattle and roll

‘In a puddle of curried broth bringing it all together’: hake,potatoes and leeks.

If you find the precipitous climb up the Carlton Hill to Edinburghs most elevated culinary arrival,The Lookout (November 2019) daunting, or you cant stomach the steep hike in what you would normally expect to pay for high end quality food with impeccable service, look no further as Castro Marim´s very own casa rosada is serving up an interpretation of one of their dishes on our new 20/20 menu.Here is our version of what Guardian restaurant critic Jay Rayner described,when eating the original, as......
"A chunk of pearly hake, the flakes sliding away from each other, sits atop an unmanicured mess of gently sautéed leeks, nutty new potatoes and melon-bellied mussels, which are a warming shade of tangerine. He further described it  as coming with “curry”, which in this case means the puddle of buttery broth bringing it all together has been spiced lightly with a garam masala".After tasting it we decided the
melon-bellied mussels in a warm shade of tangerine did nothing for the dish.Further streamlining combined the potatoes to be cooked with the leeks rather than sit uncomfortably as extras on the plate.
Hake,mussels,nutty new potatoes,leeks 
and curry bechamel
225g portion of Hake, per serving
100g leek,trimmmed washed and sliced roughly, per serving
75g jersey royal or baby new potatoes,roughly sliced
Fry the potatoes in butter and oil, (about 15 minutes)over a low heat.add the leeks and lightly sautée for afurther 15 minutes or until until soft and glistening.Season with Flor de sal and freshly ground black pepper.Set aside.Grill the fish skin side down until crispy,turn and  continue cooking until flesh takes on a golden hue.(approx 5 minutes)

FOR THE CURRIED SAUCE (for 4 portions)
450ml whole milk
1 onion, with skin removed, and chopped in half
1 bay leaf
1/2 a tsp of nutmeg
50g butter
50g plain flour 

1heaped teaspoon turmeric 
Salt & pepper to season

Pour the milk into a saucepan, and add the onion half, bay leaf and nutmeg.

Gently bring the milk to the boil. Allow to bubble gently for 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and leave to infuse for 15 minutes.
While you wait for the milk to infuse, take out a second saucepan and melt the butter over a gentle heat. Once the butter has melted you can start adding your flour. Stir continuously to make a roux.
Next, remove the onion halves and bay leaf from the infused milk and discard.
Gradually add the milk and turmeric to the roux, stirring continuously.
Continue to stir the mixture over a gentle heat for 5-10 minutes, until the sauce has become thick and creamy.

Finally, season with salt and pepper. Remember to keep it on a low heat and stir often until you are using the sauce. If you leave it to go cold or don’t stir it frequently enough, it will solidify.

When you are ready to serve,return the leek and potatoes to the pan with a knob of butter and toss them in a little of the curry sauce as they heat through.
Take a large shallow soup plate and spoon over enough curry sauce to cover the bottom,
Make a pile of leeks and potato in the centre and top with the fish.


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