Uma salada de frango primavera e trigo bulgur

Poached chicken breasts are either offensively bad or transcendently good—and, sadly, the scale tips drastically in favour of the former. But that’s just because most people don't know how to poach chicken breasts properly. From this point forward, you will not be one of those people. You will poach chicken perfectly, leaving dry, chewy poached chicken in the rear view mirror.
But wait, what is poaching? It's a cooking method mentioned a lot less frequently than roasting or frying or grilling. To poach something is to cook it while submerged in a liquid at a low temperature (read: not boiling). That liquid could be oil, milk, or wine, but most frequently poached in seasoned water.
Poached chicken is one of the world’s easiest recipes, fast and foolproof. Freshly poached chicken is the key to making great chicken salad and many other delicious dishes.
Texture is everything when it comes to great chicken salad. The best dressing can’t do justice to dry, chewy chicken.When you poach chicken breasts from scratch you get fresh tasting, tender, juicy chicken that will elevate your chicken salad up to the highest heights of deliciousness.
Cooking the chicken in vinegar and then marinating it makes it tasty and tangy,Served with the bulgur wheat and beans makes it a substantial summer meal, great for feeding the family.
Salad of chicken and bulgur wheat
6-8 servings
1 litre white wine vinegar
1 litre white wine
1/2 tbsp flor de sal
1 kg chicken,jointed into 10 pieces
300g bulgur wheat
150g broad beans(shelled weight) cooked 
150g fresh cannelini beans,cooked
150g fresh borlotti beans,cooked
150g fresh peas,cooked
1/2 cucumber,sliced and cut into quarters
juice of 1 lemon

500ml olive oil
6 garlic cloves,squashed
10 sage leaves
1 red chilli,finely chopped
3 sprigs rosemary chopped

Make the marinade by mixing together all the  ingredients in a large bowl and set aside.In a large saucepan,heat 1 litre of water with the vinegar and wine,then add the salt and chicken,bring to the boil,reduce the heat and simmer for 35 minutes.Remove the cooked chicken and when cool, take the flesh from the bones.Place the chicken meat in the marinade and leave for about 1 hour.
Meanwhile cook the bulgur wheat in 1 litre of simmering water for about 15 minutes,until al dente.drain and allow to cool.
Mix the bulgur together with all three types of cooked beans,peas,and the quarters of cucumber,adding a little of the olive oil from the marinade and the lemon on a serving dish and top with the chicken meat.


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