"Its times like these"

This may not be the start to 2021 we had all hoped for, but we must hope for a brighter future. Despite our stoicism and  wartime-style belief that it would all be over by Christmas 2020, the virus had other plans and now the restrictions seem to just keep on coming. Sure enough, here we are in a new year with that groundhog-day feeling that it’s still last March.

Nowadays when you read the papers, (read the papers / don´t read the papers ) do you ever feel like saying, stop the world I want to get off? When the world is catapulting itself towards change, do you hold on for dear life or decide to let go? It came to me the other day via youtube, Florence Welch singing her 2015 Glastonbury tribute to The Foo Fighters with a cover version of their classic. This was a year before the UK referendum, when those were very different, happier times, there was less division. The sheer joy of that moment watching a happy audience respond to something so simple reduced me to tears. Oh God I miss you G L A S T O N  B U R Y.....

It's times like these you learn to live again
It's times like these you give and give again
It's times like these you learn to love again
It's times like these time and time again......

when you need to remind ourselves

The disordered voices still rise up in my head however— shrieking about calories or fear that a certain ingredient ( probably alcohol in my case ) will make me poorly tomorrow. Its times like these, when everything feels uncertain, that makes the perfect crack for dietary lapses to slide through, but we must not let them.
In the next few days I will start posting a dietary initiative that I would love you all
to join in and become involved with.

“People want to eat healthy. The new luxury post-pandemic is going to be eating healthy, and wellness. Even the fashion industry is saying that.”

Watch this space......


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