Bewitch and beguile. Think pink and be positive,

Maybe your country is in lockdown, and your favourite old French hostelerie is closed. Or maybe, with everything going on (arms in the air shrugs shoulders gesticulates wildly), you’d simply prefer to stay in.Its not to be this year, that beloved date spot with its cozy velvet booths, delectable French food, and impeccable design. All is not lost though for all you die-hard valentinos. With all the advantages of no overpriced pre-fixe menus or months in advance reservations at chez-toi, there is another way to win your paramour, a
one-to-one supper with that loved one, most likely the partner you live with. Whatever the reason this year, "Valentine’s Day at home" is the new "on the town bells and whistles." You can still have a wonderful time without being ripped off by florists, vintners and restaurant hosts, and that doesn’t mean the night needs to be void of romance. Far from it. In fact, by removing some of the stress factors, you may even have a more wonderful time. Pull out all the culinary stops and dress up the food. It only takes a few extra special ingredients and very little money to turn the everyday into the out-of-this-world. Bedeck and Bedazzle is your beckoning mission. The combination of rough linen with fine china and glass gives a sense of occasion.
Hello young lovers whoever you are, create a Spotify playlist. Bring an alluring Bridgerton buzz to your celebration with the Vitamin String Quartet, ( Mantovani Strings for a new generation ). Turn your kitchen into "sensurround", cook foods that smell amazing, and dress your table beyond recognition. Do as much as you can, or as little as you want, but prepare to pamper to within an inch of your life. Set the table with all that glass and crystal from the back corner of that cupboard that hasn´t seen the light of day since your last move.

Putting on more Glitz....
Glasses are good to use for several other reasons than just drinking from. They are small, which makes them easy to make arrangements in, even for the most cack-handed. They can play host to a scented tea light, but be careful not to crack the glass. You can see over them too which is important when dressing a table, you want to be able to flirt with your beloved across the love scented haze and what´s more they dont take many flowers so are cheap. 

Be sure everything is red and pink and rosé, contrasting against a host of shiny white plates. Whereas Valentine’s Day decor is often an unfortunate lurid gaviscon  Pink or radioactive red, seek out more natural blush tones when decorating. “Use some awesome colours from nature. Beetroot, rasberry, plum, cherry, fig.These are some of my favourite colours. Use reds, plums, purples and ruby to accent and punctuate the temperature on your table.

This, can be expressed through floral arrangement and food. A riot of colour can come from flowers and fruit.Oh yes Candles. Candles make everything sparkly spangly and jewelly, especially Joe Malone,  sorry Portugal she´s not here yet. “Keep candles lit all day—even in daylight. Put them on your table and in your windows from day to night to make your home full of love and light to share with your neighbours, as Scandinavians do in the winter. Last but not least, having set the scene for romantic dining making yourself look fabulous is even more important. Allow yourself more than enough time for "beauty playground"and pamper city.






Roasted beetroot tagliatelle with crispy sage leaves


Chocolate and strawberries is always a winning combination



  1. All of the above please ❤️😂
    It sounds delicious and I love the table decorations 😍

    1. Glad you like it.Looking forward to sometime soon when we can all sit round the table and share a celebratory meal again


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