IKEA turns kitchen waste into culinary wonders

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With a mission to help people live more sustainably, Ikea is now branching out into the world of food by creating 'The ScrapsBook' - a cookbook that makes waste food a lot more appetizing .IKEA, home of the legendary meatballs (and the welcome saviour of any intense shopping trip) is furthering its cooking credentials with a free download cookbook and an Instagram live series called #Scrapcooking Sundays. A far cry from the likes of  Ottolenghi's twenty ingredient entrées, with The ScrapsBook, there is no need to trail around fancy delis and health food outlets in a feverish attempt to find coconut flour.
Pancakes will never taste the same again
The main ingredients in this cookbook are scraps, and it features recipes such as a 'Bottom of the bag cheese and chip fritters,' 'Légumes oubliés fried rice,' and 'Mac & Rinds.'Never look a gift horse in the mouth, a lot of care and thought has gone into this project not only in the recipe research but in the outstanding page layout and beautiful pictures.I believe a hard copy will be available in IKEA stores soon and I will definitely be picking one up as soon as it is available. What this illustrates is that sharing cooking sustainably doesn’t have to be complicated — it can be beautifully, gracefully simple. Following in the tradition of Massimo Bottura´s mission to minimize world food waste this book embraces "nose to tail", "root to stem" with a whole new vivacity.It brings a whole new gusto that just makes you want to tuck in to save our planet.
Did you know for instance that spring onions, leeks, lemongrass, ginger and many other vegetables can be completely regrown(above)? Simply place the vegetable’s rooted base into a jar filled with water, and watch it grow back right before your eyes. One way to cut out even more food waste from your life at home is to build your own compost system (left) this book talks you through it.This is an obvious one, but it’s always worth a reminder: an easy way to cut down  waste is to use your reusable bags when you do your food shop. It’s so easy to forget them
so keep
them in a place you’ll always notice them
on your way out the door.

A promotional video sees a couple prepare an entire meal from food scraps that they’ve carefully saved with Ikea food storage, simple sustainable actions are visualized as a graceful dance, with new energy-efficient appliances and water-saving taps from Ikea helping them cook more sustainably and with great ease along the way.Its so glorious it makes me want to strap on my pumps and Jeté across the room.

 Make your kitchen more sustainable today at https://www.IKEA.ca/kitchens


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