Cardinal rules

Today every fruit stall in the market is stacked high with bunches of cardinal grapes. This variety is a perfect table grape for eating, seedless,with a beautiful sweetness and an ideal size for making raisins. I just can not entertain the thought of the christmas cake in 35º heat, but if needs must the kitchen planner says start drying fruit now. The apricots just didn´t happen this year so step up cardinal and get ready for sun drying treatment.
When carefully dried, they become raisins. Grapes can be crushed as a dessert topping. They can also be juiced for a luxurious and refreshing treat.Use them as attractive additions or centres of attention in fruit salads,tarts or as an accompaniment to a dessert.
Store grapes refrigerated as they are ripe when they are picked, and the high temperatures we are experiencing at the moment will cause them to wither or ferment. Under refrigeration, these grapes keep for up to two weeks

4 Quick ideas with CARDINAL GRAPES
  1. For a fresh summer treat, freeze cardinal grapes until firm.
  2. Great as an alternative to iceblocks on a hot day,
  3. Serve them with thick natural yoghurt for breakfast or dessert.
  4. For a fresh summer salad, combine watermelon cubes, cardinal grapes, sliced plums and nectarines and peaches. Drizzle with a little honey just before serving.
Remember you heard it through the grapevine at Casa Rosada


  1. Thanks for reminding me about the freeze trick,my mother used to freeze lemons to add to mixed drinks straight from the freezer.I think grapes would be perfect too!They look very good.


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