The Distiller´s secret... and another story

Today I decided Casa Rosada needed more Home brew!!!
3 years ago I was handed down an old french recipe for Vin d´orange which I developed and rewrote, but it remains a secret. Like my mother´s recipe for Creme de menthe, ( the confectionary treat Lokum* not the licore,) I play the card close to my chest. Many guests here have asked for the recipe and been politely refused.For those of you with nouse the secrets are in the two pictures.

How many of you can create this recipe from what they see?

* Lokum has travelled from a small candy factory in Turkey to countries all around the world. Whether imported or made at home, the unique treat has left an impact that stretches far beyond its founding country).I love uncovering recipes that have travelled beyond their original boundaries and seeing how they have become subject to change.

I love Andrews photo here Its like a picture painting!!!!


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