Cookery day at Casa Rosada

Today we have just finalised a flyer promoting our cookery day add-on.
It can be viewed in full @ A cool new publishing tool we have just stumbled on.
The idea is not to create a cookery school, but instead
an informal day out in a guests holiday where they can acquire a background to Portuguese cuisine, its heritage, and its ingredients.
An insight into the different styles of Portuguese food, in particular
the culinary heritage of the local area of Castro Marim and the East Algarve,
and hopefully gain some culinary pearls along the line.

When using tinned tomatoes ( Cirio only please )
and the recipe requires chopped tomatoes, but you only have the whole peeled variety on your larder shelf.. Don´t despair. Open the tin, insert a pair of long culinary scissors into the tin and cut the tomatoes vigorously.
Turn the contents out into your cooking vessel and Pronto - chopped tomatoes!!!
and you´ve saved money too. Tinned chopped tomatoes are dearer.


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