Can you hear the drums Fernando?

As the town prepares itself for next weeks XII Edicao Dias Medievais, ( the twelfth year of The Medieval Festival ) the beating of drums can be heard around the streets as musicians practice for their big weekend. The town is already buzzing, as decorations, stages and other props are put in place. The big show kicks off on Thursday night, 26th when the Desfile Medieval (medieval parade) passes Casa Rosada . The house is fully booked, and will be providing guests with champagne on the balconies while the procession passes, followed by a medieval banquet in the garden. After dinner, guests will be given tickets to admit them to the castle for flag throwing, jousting and other medieval malarky. Afterwards they will return to the garden for more champagne and watch the fireworks over the garden.

"There will be something in the air that night,
the stars will be bright Fernando"

For full coverage of the whole story, the menu the banquet, recipes and pictures, "Dias medievais XII 2010", will be posted on http:// on Monday August 30th.


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