Ooh Ahh......just a Lidl bit

A pan -European shopping trolley.
All this and change from €20

A littlle knowledge is a dangerous thing. A small knowledge of Lidl can be advantageous both to your purse and palate. Is this an advertorial I hear you asking. Absolutely not, its not even one of those uninspired recent Guardian word of mouth product blogs that tarnishes the reputation of good journalism. People love Lidl the way they love Ryanair. Not surprisingly, because Lidl is the Ryanair of the retail industry. Its stores are no-frills, its deals legendary, its prices rock-bottom. The companies even share the same garish blue and yellow corporate livery!!! When I lived in Hackney I used to drive past Lidl on my way to work each morning. I never gave the large blue and yellow sign the time of day. Living the Algarve, something changed me. It is impossible to source your entire shopping list at one outlet, so a normal shopping trip involves visiting more than one supermarket. This is how I discovered Lidl. If you are a discerning shopper, and select only certain items, you can find quality on a budget at Lidl. The picture above and the till receipt prove my point.The word is out and LEEDiL is drawing middle class shopping trolleys towards it.This middle class is an anxious middle class, who are thinking twice about changing their loyalty from Waitrose. A recession undoubtably makes one take a keener interest in the price of food.We are slaves to brand names and frightened of Lidl´s pan-Europeanism.But we must abandon this culinary snobbery. Lidl proves that price is irrelevant to taste. They quite clearly have some very discerning buyers on board, and it works.

You should try Lidl. "Their chevre is excellent, and it is easy to park."


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