The world´s sauciest tomatoes

" Fair and goodly apples, chamfered, uneven and bunched out in many places,
of a bright shining red colour and the bigness of a good egg or large pippin"

John Gerard
The Herball 1597

A world without tomatoes would be a world without love. Today the San Marzano´s have arrived in Casa Rosada´s kitchen garden with a vengeance, bringing a little bit of Italy to Portugal. Fresh ripe, plummy and gorgeous. ready for peeling, passata, pasta putanesca, pissaladiere, and pizza with pizzaz. Now is the perfect time to experiment with recipes - some old some new some borrowed but never blue. So lets get cookin!!!!!


  1. Beautiful!! I so hope that my tomatoes turn red this year, I want to make all the delicious things you listed :) You have a great blog!


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