Brussell Hearty

Eat your greens was mother´s mantra- Oh how we hated Brussel sprouts when we were kids.Tables have turned and I have become a Brussel sprout fanatic. I am having a sprout epiphany, bit previous I know.
I was scarred by a childhood in which the same named bitter tasting vegetables were boiled to within an inch of their lives, leaving them as discoloured corpses and discharging putrid water when prodded. Tables have turned and I now love these couvinhos, miniaturised cabbages. Its simply amazing what you can do with a cabbagette.
Finely shred them as you would a cabbage, toss in hot butter with pancetta and chilli, or shred in salad with carrots and chinese leaf or toss them in a nutmeg butter.For more ideas see Brussels takes centre stage


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