`Twas three weeks before Christmas....

......and people all around are wondering what to get their foodie friend this Christmas
what would you like to receive.....? here is Casa Rosada´s sometimes tongue in cheek selection of 12 last minute gift ideas from Portugal and Spain for foodie peeps in your life.

For the rich list
Thermomix also called "the Bimby"

The present for the cook with more money than sense

who wants to kill real cooking and hand it over to a robot.
The ultimate present for the supergirl who has everything.
prices from around €1,500

Noe Pedro Ximenez  Muy viejo
For the Oenophile in your life

Nectar of the gods from Gonzalez Byass
Prices vary but average around €55

When Its the thought that counts.....
Croft Pink
Give someone their very own pink Christmas moment.
a refreshing alternative on this years seasonal cocktail trolley. 
Serve with a dash of tonic and ice
Risca grande 
Portugal´s only award winning organic Extra Virgin Olive oil
Try drizzling it over a chocolate crostini, toss it on that seasonal side salad or just dunk some bread in it

Bordallo Pinheiro coffee cup and saucer 
from Laranja range   
Bring another dimension to someone´s table with these gorgeous breakfast cups.
Coffee will never taste the same again.
Cup  €17.00 Saucer €15.00 A Vida Portuguesa, Lisboa
Nicola Gourmet Coffee 1kg bag €10.36,Continente

Quinta do encontro bruto 2006
The perfect choice for some Christmas bubbly
Average price €6.50


Salmarim Cork tea caddy of flor de sal   
Bring two Portuguese heirlooms, cork and salt to someone this Christmas. This beautiful caddy brimmeth over with "Probably the best Flor de sal in the world" 
Cork container €17.50   cardboard pack €6.95

Stocking Fillers

Alvear Pedro Ximenez Sherry vinegar
A dry sherry-like vinegar made of a product that is a step above the base used for other sherry vinegars.Sherry vinegar is our favorite kind of wine vinegar - tart and mellow, not too acidic but perfectly balanced for most any use.  And having both sweet and dry to choose from...well, that's icing on the cake.  Average €17 -online price

Saloio olive - 500ml can 
The "robust" olive oil of Portugal. The Portuguese do not, as is done elsewhere, rush the olives from tree to press. Their December harvests are merry and casual affairs, festas with friends and neighbors gathering in the orchards to beat the branches with sticks and rain the olives down upon the ground, where they are left to age for two to ten days. This intensifies the olive flavor, as does running the pressed oil off into hot water, producing a more delicate oil. 
€6.50 from range A Vida Portuguesa.Lisboa

Elvas plums in syrup     
These are the original sugar plums after which The Nutcracker's sweet fairy was named. They are, in fact, greengages, grown by nuns  in the Elvas region of Alentejo Average price around €5


Turron de guirlache
Casa Rosada´s favourite is the brittle Turrón de guirlache.It is now a regional speciality of Aragon,  Catalonia and Valencia.If you have not had time to make your own gift this is as good as  home- made.€1.99

O cozinheiro´s best online buy
'A bendy, silicone, heat-resistant spatula – not the most romantic gift but neither is five euros. And if any of your guests needs a post-pudding spanking, you’re sorted.'

Happy Hunting!!!


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