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The new cook´n app for Mac and PC

As you already know there is nothing tweet about me. Call me old-fashioned, but one of the things I dislike about Facebook is that the term ‘friend’ has now become a verb. Apparently, using the correct word, ‘befriend’, is hopelessly uncool, because whenever I make one of my "facebook" observations in public, people tend to roll their eyes. Technically speaking, even the term ‘Facebook’ is not entirely accurate. If it’s a facebook,therefore real human faces should be required in profiles, and they should be the actual faces of the actual members at their actual current ages, not pictures of pets, boats, cars, your new baby a silhouette or cartoon images of your face.What you sign up for is not what you get. Rant over, if I joined the 21st century, kicking and screaming, and signed up as a cyberdolt, it would take me at least three weeks to figure it all out. But good news. I have just learnt what an "app" is - Application software, also known as an application or a so called "app". ( why does everything have to get abbreviated, in the twitter generation?  -  haven´t I just answered my own question?) This  piece of computer software is designed to help the user to perform specific tasks. Nothing wrong with that, and what has grabbed my interest is that the digital revolution has hit the kitchen big time. But can a recipe on a smartphone ever replace a battered, beloved hardback? Yes I think so but then again I am not kindly fond of the Kindle and all these "apps" are now quickly changing our reading habits.
As a result of the wide popularity of tablet computers such as the iPad, these more than user friendly programmes are now trying to change our cooking habits, forcing our well thumbed cookery books to remain on the shelf. Most of these cooking apps now offer alternative ways of seeing each recipe, including access to thousands of recipes via the internet, all at the touch of the keyboard button.To quote food journalist Jay Rayner, the printed page still delivers something that will never be replaced.

"A cooking app is a brilliant thing, until you have to turn the page with hands caked in dough. A stained cookery-book page is a mark of commitment; a stained smartphone is a trip back to the shop," he suggests.
Nevertheless for my stocking thriller this year all I want for Christmas is a snappy app.
Better get a smart phone first.Better had.Be warned a frozen Blackberry could ruin your whole Christmas, but a chocolate orange now you´re talkin´


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