Strawberry salad,weird but wonderful

The combinations on some restaurant menus these days are more likely to make you gag than gobble.After all, some foods just do not go with others,Which isn´t to say that all odd couples are bad, Lemmon and Matthau for starters.When I stumbled upon this "salad" I didn´t believe it.You are not going to believe it, but trust me you will believe it when it you taste it and discover it really works.The only question is whether to have it as a starter or a dessert. "I've deliberated, cogitated and digested." and made my decision its a starter and if you want to give it a little extra thrill crumble some feta or Requeijao on top.

Strawberry salad
10 basil leaves
2 tablespoons black olives
50ml balsamic vinegar
100ml best quality extra virgin olive oil
black pepper
crumbled Feta cheese (optional)
Wash the strawberries thoroughly,dry them carefully on kitchen paper and then slice them.Put them in a bowl and then cut the basil into thin strips and spread over the fruit.
Mill the pepper over them followed by the balsamic.Add an unctuous green olive oil  and then as in any salad toss it gently and serve.


  1. Strawberries with black pepper were a revelation to me . . . I had this salad for the first time when I was working in New York about 15 years ago. I thought they were joking and then I tasted it . . . heaven!


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