Um azeite de mais especial

From the central mountains to the southern coast
Like a drop in the ocean, on a rare occasion a little jewel lands on your plate.This week I was the lucky beneficiary of  a Portuguese olive oil that was previously unknown to me.It came in two varieties, the regular Azeite Virgem extra and an interesting and unusual Aromatico which is infused with alecrim (rosemary ) branches, giving you a real feeling of olive on the bushes.Great for roasting potatoes, vegetables,or simply dunking some chunks of artesan bread.Olive oil is an essential ingredient in Alentejo cuisine and has been present in the habits and customs of the region since time immemorial.Slightly thick,fruity, with slight peppery undertones,golden in colour and sometimes a little green.This is the olive oil of the Alentejo.
The oil is extracted by the Portel Agricultural Cooperative. The modern system of extraction, with careful control of temperature and hygiene, not to mention the high quality of the olives, ensures that the final product is of excellent quality and extremely pure, with a low acidity level.Portel olive oil is of unrivalled quality,it is made from the Galician variety of olive,which gives it its special taste and aroma.It is produced from the olives groves around the Portel mountains close to Evora.

S. Pedro olive oil is a certified product, which has been distinguished at a number of competitions, both in Portugal and abroad. It was awarded 1st and 2nd Prize at the National Virgin Olive Oil Fair (Olivomoura) in 1999; the Certificate of Quality at the International Medal for Quality (Swiss Gold Medal for Quality) in 1987, and 1st Prize at the 1st Fair of Agricultural Municipalities in 2001. S. Pedro olive oil is marketed as Denomination of Origin, Extra Virgin 0.5º and Extra Virgin 0.7º. 


  1. Quick question - Are these fresh or dried juniper berries?

    The vinaigrette sounds fab, the curative rather less so!

  2. These are dried berries but very young and still juicy.

  3. Liquid gold.Always something to learn from your writing.A touch of summer much needed here:)


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