figs in a blanket

Everyone loves pigs in a blanket – tiny sausages wrapped in bacon – it suddenly makes me feel a lot like Christmas, but it is only the beginning of October and the sensuous, succulent Figos pretos are abundant, so lets put Christmas on the back burner and enjoy these fruits of early autumn in all their gorgeousness.
Have you ever tried this spin-off?  Prosciutto wrapped around fresh figs? I have made a mix of mascarpone cheese and Dijon mustard and then stuffed the figs,wrapped each one in an extremely thin slice of presunto serrano and then finished with a topping of coarsely chopped pistachio
Pairing the fresh, savoury flavour of prosciutto with sweet rich figs and then stuffing them with this Dijon mustard-based cream creates a contrast of the lightly vinegared mustard and naturally sweet mascarpone.Topping the figs with coarsely chopped pistachios gives the dish a nutty salty finish.A decadent appetizer or hors d'oeuvre to boot.Bom apetite


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